Master Logger Certification
Recognizing the importance to certify natural resource harvesting companies and individuals, the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine developed the Master Logger Certification (MLC) program in early 2000.  The first cohort successfully completed certification in July of 2001.  To date 7 cohorts have followed suite.   In October of 2007 The Northeast Master Logger Certification program was created by combining the Maine and Southern New England Master Logger Certification programs as one.  Today we are known as the Northeast Master Logger Certification Program (NEMLC)

The Process of becoming Master Logger Certified

Step One
The certification process starts with a 3-5 hour on-site interview.  During the interview performance standards are reviewed.  10-15 past and current harvest sites are identified and 3 professional references are obtained.  The information obtained by the interviewer is submitted to the Certifying Board.  The application process includes a written interview, a company profile, reference checks and documentation of a background check of the company’s compliance with business and natural resource laws. 
Step two
Accredited field verifiers make appointments with each company or individual to visit 10-15 harvest sites in order to rate consistency of the harvesting practices and MLC performance standards. 
Step Three
The company is sent a copy of the application for review.  A company will then sign a code of ethics and release form which indicates the desire to proceed with certification. 
Step Four
The company’s complete application approximately 35-40 pages are sent to each MLC Certifying Board member.  The board members are comprised of four individuals from Maine and four from outside the state with expertise in one or more aspects of natural resource management and rural economic development.  
Step Five
The Certifying Board meets to review all applications.  All applications must have a unanimous vote from the Board.
Step 6
Newly certified MLC companies are announced at a public reception which is typically held at the Governor’s Mansion. 

Certified Logging Professional
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Western Maine Timberlands became certified under the Master Logger program in April of 2002.  Every two years our company is re-certified.  Random audits are also made between recertification.  Our commitment to this program is showcased in the harvesting services we provide. 

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